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MicroTCA Signal Connector for MicroTCA™ Applications | 3M™ Interconnect Solutions

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MicroTCA Signal Connector for MicroTCA™ Applications | 3M™


These mezzanine card backplane connectors conform to PICMG AdvancedMC.0 R2.0 standard requirements. They are available with and without alignment posts.

Features & Benefits:

  • AdvancedMC™ Connector for MicroTCA Applications
  • Card edge connector 170 positions
  • Available with or without post
  • Press-fit termination; 0.75 mm pitch
  • Mating force: 100 N Max; Withdrawal force: 65 N Max
  • Superior signal integrity


  • Telecom and networking-access products
  • Outdoor ruggedized applications
  • Fiber-to-the-premise applications
  • Traffic control boxes
  • Medical applications
  • Military/aerospace backplanes
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Designed for hot-swap applications

Additional Information: