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High Routability External MiniSAS Cable Assembly | 3M™ Interconnect Solutions

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3M High Routability External MiniSAS Cable Assembly, 8G26 Series, is a passive copper cable assembly which utilizes 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology to create a highly-flexible, foldable, high-performance solution, with up to 6 Gbps per lane, that meets and exceeds SAS 2.1 requirements. The unique core cable technology allows 3M cable assemblies to be extremely low profile and lightweight while virtually eliminating high-frequency resonance, allowing the cable to fold and bend with minimal to no impact on performance. The cable’s small bend radius enables efficient routing in tight spaces to achieve even greater density and help improve airflow.  3M external MiniSAS passive copper cable assemblies are ideal for storage, servers, switches and networking applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made with 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology which virtually eliminates high-frequency resonance, allowing cable to be folded and bent with minimal to no performance impact
  • Designed to be compatible with standard External MiniSAS interface (SFF-8086/8088)
  • Meets and exceeds SAS 2.0 & 2.1 requirements
  • Up to 6 Gbps per channel transmission up to 6* meters with 28 AWG passive copper assemblies.
  • High-bandwidth, low skew and excellent crosstalk performance
  • Excellent durability & EMI resistance
  • Highly flexible, low-profile cable with very small bend radius to enable efficient routing and helps improved airflow and potential for shorter length cables
  • Various keying options and custom cable lengths available


  • Enterprise
  • Networking/Communications
  • Data Centers
  • High-Speed I/O Storage
  • RAIDs, JBODs, HBAs
  • High-Bandwidth Switches, Routers and Servers