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Automotive Grade Flexiterm Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors | AVX

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AVX Corporation has supported the Automotive Industry requirements for Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors consistently for more than 10 years. Products have been developed and tested specifically for automotive applications and all manufacturing facilities are QS9000 and VDA 6.4 approved. As part of our sustained investment in capacity and state of the art technology, we are now transitioning from the established Pd/Ag electrode system to a Base Metal Electrode system (BME). AVX is using AECQ200 as the qualification vehicle for this transition. A detailed qualification package is available on request and contains results on a range of part numbers including:

  • X7R dielectric components containing BME electrode and copper terminations with a Ni/Sn plated overcoat.
  • X7R dielectric components, BME electrode with epoxy finish for conductive glue mounting.
  • X7R dielectric components BME electrode and soft terminations with a Ni/Sn plated overcoat.
  • NP0 dielectric components containing Pd/Ag electrode and silver termination with a Ni/Sn plated overcoat.

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