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BestCap Hi-Power Pulse Super Capacitors | AVX

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BestCap Hi-Power Pulse Super Capacitors | AVX

Unlike traditional supercapacitors, the BestCap does not face the limitations of high ESR in the tens of Ohms range and/or high capacitance loss when required to supply very short duration current pulses. The low ESR BestCap is a perfect fit in applications where the energy source is a primary rechargeable battery and large pulse power requirements are needed. They provide high-pulse capability in a low profile package while maintaining higher voltage across the battery.

AVX's unique BestCap technology provides excellent high-power pulse characteristics based upon a combination of very high capacitance and ultra-low ESR, together with extremely low leakage current. Using a patented aqueous chemistry and innovative design, this series offers high capacitance, even with the shortest of pulse applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • High pulse power
  • No polarity
  • Ultra low leakage currents
  • High capacity with short pulse durations
  • Wide variety of cap/ESR/voltage ratings with 9, 12, and 15V parts
  • Low profile of 2mm-6mm
  • Wide temperature range of -40 to +75 degrees C


  • Back-up data applications, (i.e. flash-drives, where power is lost)
  • Smart metering in parallel with primary cells
  • General battery back-up
  • Blocking out battery chatter is critical

Additional Information: