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ESD-Safe Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors | AVX

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AVX introduced a new series of enhanced MLC capacitors specifically designed for ESD prone applications. ESD-Safe™ capacitors are commonly utilized on the I/O pins of modules and systems connected to a wiring harness. These devices average the electrical potential of two objects due to ESD charging. ESD-Safe™ capacitors are offered in a wide range of capacitance values so that the correct capacitance can be selected to minimize distortion on the circuit. ESD-Safe™ capacitors provide a method to integrate voltage differentials in low level transient fields.


Features & Benefits:

  • ESD Rating 18 to 30kV
  • AEC-Q200 Qualified including HBM (Human Body Model) as per AEC-Q200-002
  • Temperature Range:-55°C to +125°C
  • Voltage Range:25, 50 and 100V
  • Capacitance Range:4.7nF to 2.2µF


  • Automotive

Additional Information: