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ePower Connectors | Amphenol Industrial

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amphenol-industrial-ePower-ConnectorsThe ePower 400A connector series are designed for the demanding requirements of hybrid, electric vehicles and utility trucks electrical systems, operating at 800vdc to 1000vdc with a 300 to 500A rating. The product incorporates the patented RADSOK® technology for higher amperage, lower T-rise, less resistance and mating force. Meantime, it offers a 40% smaller footprint than three EMI shielding cable glands (based on 95mm2 conductor size) and easier operation of termination with shielded cable by a washer compressing the shield to the inside surface of the shell. The connector series covers 2, 3, or 4 contacts. One ePower 400A connector can replace three conventional connectors, saving space and cost.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Two or three circuit power
  • Crimp, lug or bus bar termination
  • IP2X on pin and socket
  • Environmental IP67 rating
  • Two HVIL circuits
  • 1000vdc rating
  • 11.1mm RADSOK® technology for 300 to 400A current capability
  • Strain relief for jacketed cable incorporated into shell
  • Integrated EMI shielding
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • All aluminum shell
  • Multiple wire size capability: from 50mm2 to 95mm2


  • Power Converters
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Utility Trucks with electrical systems
  • Two and three-phase motors and starter generators

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