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Common Mode Chokes (SRF Series) | Bourns

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Common Mode Chokes (SRF Series) | BournsThe Bourns® SRF Series common mode chokes are wound on a high permeability ferrite toroid core with high impedance (5K ohms min.) to control low frequency range (300 KHz) EMI interference. As result of the high permeability core, these common mode chokes feature low winding resistance to preserve data line signal integrity. The Bourns® SRF common mode series chokes are encapsulated or assembled in a plastic case to protect the coil from severe environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Toroid core for high efficiency
  • Low DC resistance
  • Case mounted
  • Compact size


  • Data line RFI/EMI filters
  • Computers
  • Communication equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical devices

Additional Information: