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Toroid Power Inductors High Current Through Hole | Bourns

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Toroid Power Inductors High Current Through Hole | BournsThe Bourns® 2x00, 2x00LL and 2x00HT Series inductors are wound with a toroid core with a unique self-shielding feature. Most of the magnetic flux of a toroid inductor is concentrated within the core which leaves very low radiation outside the perimeter of the component. The distributed air gap property of a toroid core allows the inductor to take on high current with low inductance roll-off, which provides a high level of energy storage capability. These toroid inductors are ideal for high current DC/DC converters and industrial electronic devices where circuitry and other components are susceptible to magnetic flux radiation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-shielding for low magnetic flux radiation
  • High current carrying capability
  • Distributed air gap for high energy storage
  • Available in horizontal and vertical mount


  • Industrial electronics and instrumentation
  • Computers
  • DC/DC converters
  • Switching power supplies
  • Input filters
  • Output chokes
  • RFI/EMI filters

Additional Information: