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V-Series Contura VII Switch | Carling Technologies

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carling-tech-V-Series-Contura-VII-SwitchA softened version of earlier Contura styles featuring gently curved corners and edges assuring compatibility with most any panel design. Intuitive feel is maximized by the use of 2 embossed circular pads located at opposite ends of the rocker. Any combination of Bar or Oval style lenses can be located in the pads providing a truly unique look, exclusive to Contura VII.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maximum sealing protection with dual seals around lamps and rocker stem certified to IP66 & IP68
  • Silver plated butt contact mechanism provides 50 to 100 thousand electrical cycles and a variety of different electrical ratings.
  • Roller pin mechanism does not require lubricants and allows the switch to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • The switch base accommodates up to 10 terminals and a large variety of switch and lighting circuits.
  • The multi-step mounting wings provide a secure fit for panel thicknesses of 0.032” thru 0.250” in an industry standard 0.830” x 1.450” mounting hole.

Additional Information: