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Supercapacitors (XB / XV Series) | PowerStor

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PowerStor Supercapacitors XB and XV series deliver reliability and the longest life available for high power supercaps.  These products provide long term power back-up and high peak current capability.  Slower aging enables longer life and operation at higher temperatures which exceed competitor products.  The XB and XV are ultra-low ESR which increases the amount of power delivered to the load and ensures minimal voltage drop during peak current demand.  They have an operating life of 20 years which enables longer end equipment service life and will not require replacement.   

Both the XB and XV are easily configured in series and parallel to meet specific application requirements and design registerable.  Applications include hybrid battery or fuel cell systems, high pulse current applications and UPS/hold up power.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra Low ESR for High Power Density
  • Large Capacitance for High Energy Density
  • Long Cycle Life


  • Hybrid Battery or Fuel Cell Systems
  • High Pulse Current Applications
  • UPS / Hold Up Power

Additional Information: