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Flexible Beam Technology (FBT) for Connectors | Delphi

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Flexible Beam Technology | DelphiDelphi Flexible Beam Technology (FBT) for Connectors enables a simplified connection system that provides terminal position assurance using only one piece of plastic. This represents the industry's first application of FBT in a vehicle connection system. The patented FBT allows streamlined connections with fewer parts. Connection systems equipped with Delphi FBT consist of a single piece of plastic, reducing complexity, mass, and cost while helping to provide improved warranty. Delphi's FBT product offering extends Delphi's GT and 090II product lines. FBT is available for both the terminal-to-connector cavity interface and the connector build fixture. The FBT series includes 1.5, 2.3, 2.8 mm sealed and unsealed female connectors, including standard USCAR (United States Council for Automotive Research) footprints. The FBT series features enhanced quality and reliability performance, simplified wiring assembly, and straightforward service procedures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Terminal position assurance without additional plastic pieces
  • Improved terminal retention vs. a conventional two piece assembly
  • Improvement in harness first time quality vs. a conventional two piece assembly
  • Mass reduction vs. a conventional two piece assembly
  • Warranty improvement on terminal unseat vs. a conventional two piece assembly
  • Simple and easy servicing


  • Designed for general vehicle power and signal applications.

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