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Weather Pack Connectors | Delphi

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Weather Pack Connectors | DelphiDelphi Weather Pack Connectors are environmentally sealed electrical connections designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture. Terminals are tin plated and have special core wings which allow crimp-only connections, eliminating the need for solder. The connector and cavity seals are triple-ribbed and made of self-lubricating silicone. Cavity plugs are available to fill unused cavities.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sealed system specifically designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals and fluids
  • Pin and sleeve configuration to alleviate stress relaxation
  • Secondary lock and Connector Position Assurance (CPA) for improved system design
  • Dual-locking tangs on terminals help prevent backing out
  • Terminal plugging requires no orientation
  • Positive locking indexing prevents mismating of connectors
  • Low energy, low voltage capability for vehicle electronics


  • In-line and panel-mount applications
  • Harsh environments where resistance to temperature extremes, chemicals and fluids are a must
    • Commercial vehicle
    • Marine

Additional Information: