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Delphi APEX In-Line Hybrid Connectors | Delphi Automotive

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In-Line Hybrid Connectors

The APEX® 14-way and 24-way hybrid connectors are designed for wire-to-wire sealed applications in commercial, off-highway and specialty vehicles.

Unlike typical cable sealed connectors, these new products incorporate a grommet sealing system that improves performance, reduces costs, and simplifies wire harness assembly. The connector utilizes two sizes of terminals: the APEX 2.8 (2.8mm) for up to eight power circuits (rated up to 33A in the connector) and the APEX 150 (1.5 mm) for up to 16 signal or mid-power circuits (rated to 20A). These APEX connectors are USCAR-compliant.

APEX Hybrid Connectors

APEX hybrid connectors

APEX Hybrid Terminals & Cavity Plug

APEX hybrid terminals

Sales Drawings (PDF)

APEX Hybrid Mounting Clip

APEX hybrid mounting clips

APEX Hybrid Assembly & Repair Tools

APEX hybrid crimper

APEX Hybrid Technical Data