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Leaded Disc NTC Sensor | EPCOS

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Leaded Disc NTC Sensor | EPCOSThe Leaded Disk NTC combines the need for a tight tolerance of 1% -5%, small package size, and affordable sensor to a variety of applications. These NTC Sensors have formed leads that allow easy application to circuit boards. These sensors are available with a nominal resistance of 2k -100k ohms.  Temperature range - -55 C to 155 C Nominal Temperature - 25 C Beta Value - 3460 - 3920+/- 1% Resistance Tolerance - 1%, 3%, 5%

Features & Benefits:

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Cost effective
  • Rugged design, epoxy resin encapsulation
  • Tinned Copper leads
  • Lead spacing 2.5 mm


  • Automotive Industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Washers and Dryers
  • HVAC
  • Consumer Appliances

Additional Information: