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0.5mm (0.020 in.) Flex | FCI

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fci-0_5mm-0_020-in-FlexFCI has one of the broadest ranges of 0.5mm flex circuit connectors in the industry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Right angle or vertical cable insertion
  • 4-70 positions
  • Surface mount termination
  • Heights down to 0.7mm
  • ZIF with prehold to insure error free processing
  • Back side flip actuation for easy error free cable termination
  • Connectors that offer visual confirmation of positive cable insertion
  • Robust cable locking
  • Halogen-Free options available


  • Mobile phones
  • Brown products
  • Wireless customer premises equipment
  • Instrumentation & medical
  • Industrial controls & equipment
  • Business & retail equipment
  • Printer
  • Car multimedia devices
  • Non-automotive transportation

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