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Minitek Pwr™ 3.0 | FCI

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Minitek Pwr™ 3.0 | FCIMinitek Pwr™ 3.0 connectors are designed for power application with current rating up to 5A per circuit, available for dual row and 2 to 24 circuits, for Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board application. Crimp, snap-in plug and receptacle contacts are used to terminate AWG 20-30 wires. Plug and receptacle housings allow Wire-to-Wire and Wire to-Board configurations. Crimping and removal tools are available for wire harness assembly. Header assemblies for Wire-to-Board interconnections include vertical and right-angle components. These wave soldering headers are available in through-hole configurations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully isolated terminals
  • Positive locking on HSG with low thumb latch operation
  • Polarized mating geometry
  • Scoop-proof housings
  • Vertical and right-angle PCB headers for wave soldering application
  • Fully polarized housings
  • High retention force in HSG
  • Low insertion force for installation of crimped terminal
  • Available in UL94V-0 flammability rated LCP
  • Ensures terminals and header pins are not damaged for angled mating
  • Cost-effective Wire-to-Wire, free hanging plugs and vertical or right-angle pin headers solution
  • RoHS compliance and Lead-Free
  • Interchangeable and compatible with Molex Micro-Fit™
  • Prevents terminals from potential damage during operation
  • Prevents from unexpectedly unmating
  • Ensures header and receptacle are correctly mated
  • Prevents accidental mis-mating
  • Well secures terminals in housings
  • Insertion tool is not required
  • High flammability rating
  • Supports various 1.6mm PCB applications


  • Consumer
    • Set Top Box
    • WiMax Box
    • Display System
  • Industrial & Instrumentation
    • Multi-service Station
    • Display System
    • Electrical Lighting
    • Hospital Bed
    • Chemical Detection System
  • Data
    • Fan
    • Rack-Mount/ Blade Server
    • Interface Converter
    • HDD Application
  • Communications
    • WiMax Box
    • Generic Telecom Box
    • Customer Premises Equipment

Additional Information: