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Right Angle Barklip Connector System | FCI

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Right Angle Barklip Connector System | FCIThe Right Angle BarKlip is the first of the BarKlip products to be released to the market by FCI. Barklip bus bar connectors offer some key improvements to other bus-bar connectors. A key difference is the 10 independent conducting beams which all make contact with the mating bus-bar. These power beams provide lower resistance by maintaining contact with the mating bus bar through common mis-aligned conditions. The BarKlip contact also includes a stainless-steel helper spring to ensure proper mating force and contact resistance is maintained during the life of the connection. Finally, the entire contact is plated with FCI’s proprietary silver-based plating to further reduce the resistance and eliminate fretting corrosion found in tin-plated connectors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power contact capable of carring 150Amps/contact (30C T-rise in still air)
  • 10 independent points of contact for low resistance (.02m) and high reliability
  • Silver plated contacts - to deliver the lower resistance without the high cost of gold
  • Housing material is halogen-free for next generation environmental requirements
  • Large operating temperature range (-40C - 125C) for extreme environments
  • Solder tails or screw-mount tabs are available for termination flexibility


  • AC/DC pluggable power supplies in data, telecom & datacom/networking equipment
  • Rack mounted power distribution applications involving bus-bars to bus-bar connection
  • Industrial equipment requiring high current density connections between bus-bars and pcbs
  • Hyperscale Computing architectures using bus-bars for power distribution

Additional Information: