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CAT/CAY 16 Series Chip Resistor Array | Bourns

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CAT/CAY Resistor Array | Bourns Bourns announces the introduction of the CAT16-J8 Concave Chip Array & CAY16-J8 Convex Chip Array. These are 16-terminal chip arrays with eight isolated resistors in the CAY/CAT16 chip array family. CAT16-J8 /CAY16-J8 are available in E24 values from 10 ohms through 1M ohm at a tolerance of ±5%. Both models are advantageous in applications where space is critical.

The CAT16-J8 is a concave terminal device that has a footprint measuring 6.4mm x 1.6 mm. It has a minimum order quantity and multiples are 4k/reel.

The CAT16-J8 is a direct replacement for the following competitor series:

  • CTS 742C163
  • KOA CN1J8

The CAY16-J8 is a convex terminal device, with a footprint measurement of 3.8mm x 1.6mm. And has the a minimum order quantity of 10k, with multiples of 5k/reel.

The CAY16-J8 is a direct replacement for the following competitor series:

  • Rohm MNR18EOAPJ
  • SEI RAV16-8D
  • Vishay TRA06E1603

Features & Benefits:

  • Convex and concave terminals
  • Resistance tolerance ±1% and ±5%
  • Resistance range: 10Ω to 1mΩ
  • Minimal use of board space
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce component count


  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Portable Electronics
  • Medical

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