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Application Specific Capacitors | Murata

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High Power...High Frequency...High Voltage
Introducing application-specific capacitors with features such as copper- and precious-metal electrodes, custom lead configurations, and lead-free and halogen-free compositions. Designed for today's most demanding applications.
If you are using Johansen, ATC, Dielectric Lab, Novacap or Syfer, consider this:

Murata's product development "roadmap" is driven by designs from major, leading OEMs who are top-tier product innovators. We're not allowed to name these companies but, by aligning with Murata you can be at the forefront of technology. TTI is the largest passive-component specialist, with the industry's best inventory and service. We are this year's most preferred distributor and have earned that distinction for 10 of the last 11 years.

Murata is vertically- and horizontally integrated, which means that its products are designed and engineered from start to finish. Murata is recognized as the leader in MLCC technology. The Murata / TTI partnership offers design support, technical analysis, and quick turnaround on samples. With TTI you can choose a wide range of supply chain services like bonded inventory, JIT deliveries, and forecast sharing.

At a Glance

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitors
Data Sheet
High Q capacitors are used from 500MHz to 10GHz for handheld and cellular applications. These capacitors are made with copper electrodes for very low ESRs and high Qs in GHz frequencies. Available in sizes from 0603 and 0805.
Data Sheet
High Q ultra small capacitors for high frequency applications, 500MHz to 10GHz. Made with copper electrodes for a cost effective solution for low ESR applications. EIA sizes 0201 to 0402.
High Voltage Capacitors
GRM, GR4, GA3 Capacitors that have operating voltages from 250V to 3000V. Safety capacitors with X1 and Y2 UL ratings.
DE Leaded high-voltage capacitors for safety rated applications from 250V to 6.3KV.
Other Series
GNM Series
GRM 033
(0201 Chip Size)
GRM 155
(0402 Chip Size)
Low Inductance Capacitor (X7R, X7S)

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