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BC Electronic Housing | Phoenix Contact

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Phoenix BC Electronic HousingThe Building Case (BC) electronic housing system from Phoenix Contact is a new approach to electronic component packaging specifically engineered to meet the needs of control manufacturers focusing on applications for building automation. The housing system has a uniform height that complies with DIN 43380 to ensure ease of use in standard control panels. The BC housings are available in a variety of widths to accommodate various complexities in PCB design. The system incorporates built-in connectivity between devices due to a DIN rail connector that can bus a power supply and communication transmissions. Housings can be mounted on DIN rail and can also be modified to mount on a panel or on a wall.

The BC housing system allows for various types of connectors and terminal blocks without the need to alter the housing in any way. The clear hinged cover allows the user to interact with diagnostics (LEDs), switches, push buttons, etc.

Additional Information:

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Features & Benefits:

  • DIN 43380 compliant
  • Vertical, horizontal, or lengthwise PCB mounting for design flexibility
  • Various PCB terminal block options for diverse applications
  • Ample connection spacce for industry standard data connections
  • 16-position DIN rail connector for parallel or serial communications and power bussing that allows for swapping of modules without interruption
  • Transparent hinged cover option for user interaction


  • Building Automation
    • Fire Protection
    • Building Safety Engineering
    • HVAC Equipment
    • Lighting Control
  • Industrial Control
    • Sensor
    • Signal Conditioning
    • Surge Suppression