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KEMET Conductive Polymers

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KEMET Corporation has expanded its portfolio of conductive polymer KO-CAP series with the introduction of many first to market components. New product offerings include extended capacitance values and leading-edge ESR ratings for KO-CAP products, suitable for applications in the computer, mobile communications, and power supply markets. KEMET now offers new 9 mΩ and 12 mΩ T520V part types.

These cutting-edge components are low profile and ultra low ESR and are in high demand for notebooks, servers, and other height-restricted applications. New 9 mΩ T520D part types were added and offer a more cost competitive, single anode solution that other multiple anode counterparts. New 6 mΩ T530D’s and 6 mΩ T530X’s were also recently introduced. The “D” case offers and ESR and height advantage over our competition. In order to follow the downsizing trend, KEMET has added the T520B227M2R5AS E070 and the T520T476M006AT E070 for use in electronic devices where space is limited.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low profile case sizes for height restricted applications
  • Smaller footprint cases for limited space in applications
  • Ultra low ESR
  • Extended capacitance ratings
  • Surface mount configuration


  • Power Supply
  • High Speed Motherboards and Server Boards (>1 GHz)
  • Notebooks
  • Mobile Phones
  • Servers
  • Networks