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MICRO SWITCH™ Toggle Switches TL Series | Honeywell

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MICRO SWITCH™ Toggle Switches | Honeywell

MICRO SWITCH™ TL Series toggle switches have high strength, temperature resistant, non-tracking case material and silver cadmium oxide contacts. Pull-to-Unlock toggle levers prevent accidental operation; the lever must be pulled approx. 2,3 mm (0.09 inches) to change positions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Qualified to MIL-S-3950
  • Environment-proof sealing
  • 1,2, and 4 pole circuitry
  • Standard and pull-to-unlock levers
  • 2 and 3 position, maintained and momentary toggle action
  • Temperature range: -85°F to +160°F
  • Completely sealed switching chamber
  • Step-design case provides added space between terminals to help prevent shorting
  • UL recognized, CSA certified
  • CE approved


  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Military and commercial aviation
  • Construction equipment
  • Test instruments
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Process control
  • Medical instrumentation

Additional Information: