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TaNFilm® Precision Network (DIP & SIP) MIL-PRF-83401 | IRC/TT-Electronics

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IRC-TaNFilm-Precision-Network-DIP-SIP-MIL-PRF-83401The IRC 1900 Series (DIP) and 4700 Series (SIP) are the ultimate combination of precision performance, reliability, and long term stability in a low profile, TaNFilm DIP or SIP package.  Rugged welded lead construction combined with the inherent passivation characteristics of tantalum nitride insure superior ongoing performance over the installed life of the part.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inherent reliability
  • MIL-PRF-83401 qualified
  • Custom configuration available
  • Bonded leads not susceptible to solder reflow problems
  • Absolute tolerance to +0.1%
    • DIP ratio tolerance to +0.05%
    • SIP ratio accuracy to +0.01%
  • Absolute TCR to +15ppm/C / ratio tracking to +5ppm/C

Additional Information: