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Non-Magnetic Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors | KEMET

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kemet-Non-Magnetic-Tantalum-Surface-Mount-CapacitorsThe KEMET Non-Magnetic Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitor is ideal for applications with known sensitivity to the effects of magnetism in the industrial, medical, military and aerospace markets. 

KEMET’s non-magnetic capability was developed in response to a growing demand for products that exhibit extremely low magnetic permeability.  With this option, KEMET is able to achieve µ values, a measure of permeability, as low as 1.00001µ on many MnO2 or Polymer tantalum surface mount capacitor series.  The non-magnetic capability can be specified by adding the appropriate lead material code to existing KEMET part numbers. Please refer to the ordering information for this code in the desired tantalum surface mount series.

This solution will be complemented by a new ceramic series of surface mount non-magnetic products to be released later this year.

Features & Benefits:

  • μ values (measure of permeability) as low as 1.00001–1.00007
  • Available on many MnO2 and Polymer Tantalum Surface Mount Series
  • Available with 100% Tin (Sn) or Tin/Lead (SnPb) lead material


  • Sonobuoys
  • Digital compasses
  • Gyroscopes
  • Medical imaging equipment

Additional Information: