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Reduced Leakage Polymer (T522 Series) | KEMET

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The KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) is a capacitor with a Ta anode and Ta2O5 dielectric. A conductive organic polymer replaces the traditionally used MnO2 as the cathode plate of the capacitor. This results in very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequency. The KO-CAP also exhibits a benign failure mode which eliminates the ignition failures that can occur in standard MnO2 tantalum types. KO-CAPs may also be operated at steady state voltages up to 90% of rated voltage for part types with rated voltages of ≤10. The T522 Reduced Leakage Polymer Tantalum Series is designed to meet the needs of leakage-sensitive applications such as battery supported circuits. The T522 Series offers the lowest leakage values available in polymer tantalum capacitors with upper leakage limits that are up to 70% lower than other polymer series.

Features & Benefits:

  • ESR: 25mΩ to 40mΩ
  • -55°C to 105°C operating temperature range
  • Polymer cathode technology
  • High frequency capacitance retention
  • Non-ignition failure mode
  • Capacitance: 150μF to 470μF
  • Voltage: 6.3V
  • 100% accelerated steady state aging
  • 100% surge current tested
  • Low profile designs
  • Volumetric efficiency
  • Self-healing mechanism
  • EIA standard case sizes


  • Battery-dependent applications
    • Handheld consumer electronics
    • Global tracking systems
    • Energy harvesting
    • Wireless sensors

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