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Through-Hole LED Product Family Overview | Kingbright

Kingbright through-hole LEDs are offered in a variety of packages in different sizes, shapes, viewing angles, color combinations, lens types, and brightness. The extensive selections virtually fulfill all the needs in through-hole LED applications.

With Kingbright's advanced production process in through-hole LEDs, products are manufactured in excellent quality and reliability also delivering in competitive lead time. Kingbright can also provide value added processes such as customized lead forming/cutting, tape-and-reel/tape-and-box packaging for automated insertion process

Features & Benefits:

  • High volume, robust reliability, cost-efficient solution
  • Shpe options including round, oval, cylindrical, rectangular with various sizes available in each type
  • Lens types available in water clear, color transparent, white or color diffused
  • Colors are available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red and others
  • Special options featuring resistor LED, blinking LED, current/voltage sorted LED and customized lead forming/cutting
  • Wire version is available for panel mounting
  • Available in bulk pack, tape-and-reel, tape-and-box
Through-hole Color Luminous Intensity Viewing Angle Buy Now
Min. Type Unit
Multi-Color Round 3mm Bi-Color 10-20 20-50 mcd@20mA 60° WP115
Bi-Color 4-7 8-20 mcd@20mA 60° WP937
Multi-Color Round 5mm Dual or Bi-Polar 4-12 6-2800 mcd@20mA 60° WP57
Bi-Color 3-1800 6-2800 mcd@20mA 24° / 60° WP59
Multi-Color Round Tri-Color Tri-Color 300-1000 500-1700 mcd@20mA 50° / 60° WP154A
Multi-Color Rectangular Bi-Color 3-4 6-10 mcd@20mA 110° WP117
Oval 5mm GRN, RED, BLU, YEL, WHT 650-2800 1200-5500 mcd@20mA 100°(H) 50°(V) WP5603
Rectangular 1.9X3.9mm GRN, RED, YEL 0.4-4 1-8 mcd@20mA 110° WP144
Rectangular 2X3mm GRN, RED, YEL 5-10 10-15 mcd@10mA *20mA 60° WP169
GRN, RED, ORG, YEL 0.2-4 1-8 mcd@10mA *20mA 90° / 100° WP914
Rectangular 2X5mm GRN, RED, ORG, YEL 0.5-50 1-100 mcd@10mA *20mA 110° WP113
Bi-Color 3-4 4-10 mcd@20mA 110° WP117
Rectangular 2.5X5mm GRN, RED, ORG, YEL 0.5-3


mcd@10mA *20mA 110° WP383
GRN, RED, ORG, YEL 1.2-7 3-10 mcd@10mA *20mA 110° WP513
Cylindrical 2mm GRN, RED, YEL 0.8-8 2-15 mcd@10mA *20mA 70° WP13
Resistor GRN, RED, YEL 7-100 11-180 mcd @V=5V *V=14V 40° WP710A
GRN, RED, YEL 8-220 20-320 mcd @V=5V *V=14V 30° WP7113
Blinking 3mm GRN, RED, YEL 2-180 6-300 mcd @V=9V 60° WP36B
Blinking 5mm GRN, RED, YEL 1.2-120 4-200 mcd @V=9V 60° WP56B
Low Current GRN, RED, YEL 1-10 3-20 mcd @2mA 40° WP7113L
GRN, RED, YEL 1-15 3-25 mcd @2mA 30° WP710A10L