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Circuit Board Indictor Product Family Overview | Kingbright

Kingbright offers high quality circuit board indicators to meet wide range of applications and requirements. Housing selections include single-level, bi-level, tri-level and quad-level with LED featuring different sizes, shapes lens types and flexible color combinations. Surface mount type circuit board indicator is designed to simplify assembly process while reduce assembly cost and increase productivity.

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality and excellent reliability
  • Available in through-hole and SMD type
  • A wide variety of circuit board indicators in single-level, bi-level, tri-level and quad-level are available
  • LED type is available in round and rectangular
  • Housing type is available in various sizes and shapes
  • Choice of customized color combinations
  • Package options with inter lock for easy stacking

Circuit Board Indicator Color Luminous Intensity Viewing Angle Buy Now
Min. Type Unit
Single-Level 1.8mm GRN, RED, YEL 1.2-7 5-30 mcd@20mA *V=5V 40° AM2520 
Single-Level 3mm GRN, RED, YEL 10-150 15-300 mcd@10mA *20mA 60° WP1384A
GRN, RED, YEL 8-150 15-400 mcd@10mA *20mA 40° WP934E
Single-Level 3.4mm GRN, RED, YEL 8-150 15-300 mcd@20mA 60° WP138A
Single-Level 4.8mm GRN, RED, YEL 10-200 25-300 mcd@10mA *20mA 60° WP73JB
Bi-Level/Tri-Level/Quad-Level   3mm GRN, RED, YEL 8-150 15-400 mcd@10mA *20mA 40° WP934
Bi-Level 4.8mm GRN, RED, YEL 10-200 25-400 mcd@10mA *20mA 60° WP73EB
Quad-Level Rectangular GRN, RED, YEL 1.5-3 4-8 mcd@10mA *20mA 100° WP914CK
Panel Mount CBI GRN, RED, YEL 6-400 15-700 mcd @10mA *20mA **V=14V 60° WP1533AA