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High Brightness LEDs Product Family Overview | Kingbright

Kingbright's High Brightness LEDs offer ultimate design solutions for high brightness needs.  Packages are available in various sizes and power outputs based on InGaN and AllnGaP technology.  The cutting-edge package design comprises a low thermal resistance providing great heat dissipating capability.  The distinctive element encompasses a built-in zener diode that can withstand ESD voltage up to 8000V providing superior protection against ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) damages at the production line.

Features & Benefits

  • High luminous flux and low power consumption
  • High maximum junction temperature
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Available in various colors include RGB
  • Available in various sizes of SMD package suitable for different design needs
  • Excellent product quality and reliability
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • Automation-friendly tape-and-reel package to increase productivity and reduce assembly cost

High Brightness LED Color Luminous Intensity Viewing Angle Buy Now
Min. Type Unit
0.5W BLU, YEL, GRN 2.4-14 3.5-20 lm @150mA 120° AA3535
1W HB 2.5X2.0mm GRN, BLU, RED, YEL N/A 14-50 lm @350mA 120° / 130° AT2520
1W HB 3.2X2.8mm GRN, BLU, RED, YEL 6-42 8.6-60 lm @350mA 120° AT3228