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Nano 485 Series Fast-Acting Fuse | Littelfuse

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Nano 485 Series Fast-Acting Fuse | LittelfuseThe Nano2® 485 Series Fuse packs a high voltage and energy protection capability in a very small footprint. Its fast-acting blow characteristics ensure high-speed protection against surge currents and overload conditions. Its ceramic housing ensures robust operation and long-term reliability, even when used in applications with high ambient operating temperatures.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast Acting / Surface mount high fuse for high voltage (up to 600VDC) applications
  • Fully compatible with lead-free solder alloys and higher temperature profiles associated with lead-free assembly
  • Relatively high breaking capacity at 100A
  • RoHS compliant / Halogen Free
  • Rating - 0.5 - 3.15 Amperes


  • PC server and Telecom systems
  • LCD TV inverter boards DC input protection
  • Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / 3-Phase Power Supplies
  • 380VDC server/lighting in data center

Additional Information: