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MOSFETS | Toshiba

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MOSFETS | Toshiba

Toshiba offers a wide variety of MOSFETs that help reduce product size and power consumption, such as MOSFETs in ultra-small, thin packages and those with ultra-low ON-resistance that can be driven at a low voltage.

Toshiba has decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of discrete MOSFETs. Its main products include the mid- to high-voltage DTMOS IV Series with a VDSS of 600 V or so and the low-voltage U-MOS VIII-H Series with a VDSS of 30 to 250 V. This article presents an interview with the engineers who were in charge of the development of these MOSFETs.

Low Voltage MOSFETs

U-MOS VIII-H is a high-efficiency MOSFET series specifically designed for use in the secondary side of AC-DC power supplies for notebook PC adapters, game consoles, servers, desktop PCs, flat-panel displays, etc., as well as DC-DC power supplies for communication equipment, servers and data centers. Fabricated with the latest Gen-8 trench MOS process, U-MOS VIII-H will help improve the efficiency of power supplies.


  • Fabricated with a Gen-8 trench MOS process designed for various power supply applications
  • Provides significantly better trade-offs between on-resistance (Ron) and input capacitance (Ciss), compared to the current Gen-4 trench MOS process
  • Offers high avalanche ruggedness
  • Makes it possible to reduce radiation noise, compared to predecessors
  • Mid-High Voltage MOSFETs

    Toshiba has developed the Gen-4 super-junction 600-V DTMOS IV MOSFET series. Fabricated using the state-of-the-art single epitaxial process, DTMOS IV provides a 30% reduction in Ron•A, a figure of merit (FOM) for MOSFETs, compared to its predecessor, DTMOS III A reduction in Ron•A makes it possible to house lower Ron chips in the same packages. This helps to improve the efficiency and reduce the size of power supplies.


    • 30% reduction in Ron•A, a MOSFET figure of merit, compared to the predecessor (DTMOS III)
    • Lower increase in on-resistance at high temperatures due to the use of a single epitaxial process
    • 12% reduction in switching loss, Eoss, compared to the predecessor (DTMOS III) owing to a reduction in Coss
    • Available with a wide range of on-resistance, RDS(ON): 0.9 Ohm – 0.018 Ohm max
    • Various packaging options

    Low-On-Resistance MOSFETs

    Toshiba offers MOSFETs in a wide range of packages ideal for various applications.


    • The combination of excellent trench process and packaging technologies provide low on-resistance. This helps to improve the performance of your applications.

    Power MOSFETs - Interviews with engineers.

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