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Multi Terminal Connector | Molex

MTC | MolexMolex’s MTC™ (Multi-Terminal Connectors)enable wires to be attached either by a unique spring-clamp or two-piece crimp housing method. MTC housings accept 14 to 26 AWG and pitch sizes of 5.00 or 7.50mm to meet various layout needs. A unique lever attachment enables quick and easy field termination, while the spring-clamp method provides secure wire retention. The crimp method enables multiple circuit sizes to be terminated and removed more quickly than traditional one-by-one screw-type termination methods.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lever attachment enables quick field termination
  • Crimp attachment provides harness flexibility
  • Common header style mates with both lever and crimp versions
  • 7.50 and 5.00mm pitch various layout options available
  • Several color options allows visual polarization
  • 14 to 26 AWG wide wire range


  • Data/Communications
  • Industrial Automation