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Hybrid Crystal Resonator (XRCGB Series) | Murata

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Hybrid Crystal Resonator | Murata

The Murata HCR™ (Hybrid Crystal Resonator) XRCGB series is a 100% crystal timing device, in a new hybrid package available in specific frequencies from 24MHz to 48 MHz The goal of the Murata HCR™ is low cost in a small 2016 package, targeting cost and size sensitive applications that formally could only be met by 50ppm crystals.

HCR™ is available in a variety of frequency tolerances from the sub 200ppm tolerance and sub 100ppm tolerance versions, down to 50ppm at specific frequencies. The Murata HCR™ is suitable for consumer and industrial applications; automotive applications are not supported at this time.

Murata uses its own packaging technology that provides benefits of greater ruggedness and reliability, while not being reliant on outside vendor’s packages. Its 2016 package is 4-terminal and can fit on the same pads of larger 4-terminal crystals (3225 & 2520), allowing for easy cost down of a design. All Murata HCR’s are RoHS compliant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in frequency tolerances as low as 50ppm
  • Small package(2.0×1.6mm)with standard footprint
  • Robust packaging
  • Compatible with RoHS directive (phase 3)


  • HDD / SSD /Optical Drive (Available for S-ATA interface)
  • Platform Control Hub (PCH)
  • Application Processors
  • Graphic processors
  • Visual equipment
  • Small portable equipment
  • DSC
  • Camcorder
  • USB 2.0 – 3.0 Flash Drive
  • Printer
  • Mobile phone

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