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2-Wire AC & DC Voltmeters Digital Panel Meters | Murata-PS


Murata Power Solutions digital panel meters are the optimum solution for applications requiring a precise digital readout of ac or dc voltages. AC-input options include average or rms-responding inputs. "Self-powered", 2-wire models contain only two connections. They are powered directly from the same signal they are measuring, making them ideal for new installations or as modern replacements for analog panel meters. Available display options include 3½- or 4½-digit LED or LCD displays that can be operated from ac (85-264V) or dc (+5V to +40V) power sources. A new line of super-bright, daylight-readable LED displays are well-suited for outdoor applications, automatically adjusting their brightness for comfortable nighttime viewing. Typical mounting options include 12-pin dual inline packages that can be pc-board mounted, and traditional bezel/case assemblies that simplify panel mounting. For harsh environments, users can choose from several bezel options featuring rubber gaskets and secure threaded metal fasteners.

TTI Features the following Murata Power Solutions 2-Wire AC & DC Voltmeters Digital Panel Meters:

20pc-lm.jpgDMS-20 LM Series 2-Wire AC Voltmeters
Component-size, self-contained, low-cost- 2-wire AC voltmeters require no additional components or auxillary power. Just connect an AC voltage to their two rear terminals and you are instantly reading AC voltages with one-volt resolution. The large (0.37"/9.4mm), bright red, blue or green LED display makes DMS-20PC-LM voltmeters easily readable under any lighting conditions..
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acfreqmonitor.jpgDMS-20 FM Series 2-Wire Frequency Meters
The world's smallest, self-powered, AC frequency meters. Simply connect the aC line to the two rear terminals , and the unit is fully operational. All models feature encapsulated construction and an ultra-stable, quartz-crystal-controlled, microcontroller to provide accuracies of +0.1Hz (50/60 Hz models) or +1Hz (400Hz model) over the entire operating temperature range of -25 to +60°.C.
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DMS-20PC-8-DCM-C.jpgDMS-20 DCM Series 2-Wire DC Voltmeters
Ideal replacements for analog panel meters. Simply connect your DC voltage across the two rear terminals and the meters are fully operational - no additional components or power supplies are required. Their large 0.37" (9.4mm) displays can be easily read from 15 feet away. Built-in reverse polarity protection assure simple, trouble-free installation.
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murata-self-powered-led-meter-display-ac-line.jpgThe new DMR20-1-FM is the world's smallest, self-powered, ac line frequency monitor. Simply connect 85 to 264Vac (46-65Hz) power and the meter is fully operational - no additional components are required. The unit can also measure distorted 120Vrms power sources with triangle and square waveforms, as well as quasi sine wave outputs of dc to ac power inverters.
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