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AC & DC Ammeters Digital Panel Meters | Murata-PS

For measuring ac or dc currents, Murata Power Solutions ammeters feature easy set up and installation and typically require no additional components or user set up. AC ammeters with built-in current transformers (CTs) greatly simplify current measurement applications. Most installations require just three connections: two for supplying operating power, and one for the current being measured. All models feature easy-to-read LED displays and sturdy terminal block connections. Power supply options include 85-264Vac or +5-40Vdc. Average responding or true-rms inputs can ac measure currents up to 100A with a built-in CT, and up to 2000A with external 5A CTs. DC ammeters are available with built-in shunts capable of measuring currents from 200uA up to 20A. For higher currents, 14 models are specifically designed to accept inputs from external 50mV dc shunts, enabling these models to measure up to 2000Adc.

The Digital Panel Meter product line consists of:

TTI Features the following Murata Power Solutions AC & DC Ammeters Digital Panel Meters:

aca20pc.jpgACA-20PC Series AC Ammeters
ACA-20PC Series are the first digital AC ammeters to incorporate on-board current transformers.  Simply pass the current-carrying load wire through the on-board CT, apply power to the two power supply terminals and you're instantly measuring AC currents up to 100A.  No external shunts or expensive CTs are required. 
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aca520pc.jpgACA5-20PC Series AC Ammeters
Scales and displays the output of 5A current transformers (50:5A, 500:5A, 1000:5A, etc.).  Fourteen input ranges measure AC currents from 0-50A to 0-2000A.  They accept outputs from previously installed high-current CTs to instantly bring digital precision to older AC ammeter installations.
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aca20rm.jpgACA-20RM Series RMS Reading AC Ammeters
World's first digital AC-ammeter with built-in CTs to directly measure the true-RMS value of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents.  Now available with split-0core CTs for easy installation.
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aca520rm.jpgACA5-20RM Series AC Ammeters
Murata Power Solutions's ACA5-20RM Series AC ammeters accept the output of external 5A current transformers (CTs) and accurately display the true-rms value of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents up to 500A.  Operation and setup is straightforward:  simply pass the external 5A CTs secondary output leads through the on-board toroid sensor, apply AC power, and the ammeter is fully operational. (Check TTI Inventory)

ACM20.jpgACM20 Series AC Power Meters
Displays the most critical measurements in mains-powered equipment:  voltage, amperage, active power (watts or kilowatts), and power factor.  A front panel selector-switch provides two modes of operation:  a fixed reading of any of the four parameters, or a continuous cycling through all four measurements.  All ACM20 multi-function power meters include built-in current transformers - no other user-supplied components are required.
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dca20pc.jpgDCA-20PC Series DC Ammeters
The first digital DC ammeters to include built-in low loss shunts for measuring currents up to 20A.  Six ranges provide for precision measurement of DC currents from 200uA to 20A.  These ammeters are 100% self-contained, so no calibration or user-supplied components are required.
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dca520pc.jpgDCA5-20PC Series DC Ammeters
Scales and displays the output of 50mV and 100mV DC-shunts.  Twenty-five ranges provide for measurement of DC currents from 1A to 2000A.  With the exception of an external shunt, the unit is 100% self-contained - no calibration or additional components are required.
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