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Dual Output, Isolated DC/DC Converters | Murata-PS

When your application requires multiple positive voltages and you can not easily derive one from the other using a non-isolated POL, consider an asymmetric dual.
Asymmetric duals are isolated, 2-output DC/DC converters that typically provide two low voltages such as 3.3V and 1.8V. As such, they are ideal for driving the core and I/O logic of complex PLD's or ASIC's. On DSL line cards, they can power both the DSP and the line drivers. In evolving process-control systems, they can power older 5V logic and newer 3.3V micros.
Asymmetric duals provide the real-estate and cost savings of a single package with one set of input circuitry (stand-up caps, filters, etc.). On the output side, many duals feature 2-loop designs that effectively deliver two independently regulated converters in a single package . . . with a standard pinout and internationally recognized safety approvals. Why evaluate and qualify two devices when you can do one . . . for less money?