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Miniature Radial Lead Inductors (2200 Series) | Murata-PS

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Miniature Radial Lead Inductors | Murata-PSThe 2200R Series is a general-purpose range of inductors suitable for low to medium current applications. Their small footprint makes them ideal for high-density applications where a chip inductor will not cope with the power requirement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Radial Format
  • Up to 1.5A IDC
  • 10µH to 2.2mH
  • Low DC Resistance
  • Miniature Size
  • PCB Mounting
  • MIL-I-23053/5 Class I&II Sleeving
  • Fully Tinned Leads
  • Supplied in Bags of 100
  • Custom Parts Available

Additional Information: