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Single Output, Non-Isolated, Point-of-Load Converter | Murata-PS

Murata Power Solutions is committed to supporting the emerging Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) and its many derivative approaches. Consequently, we offer more non-isolated, point-of- load (POL) DC/DC's, in standard packages and pinouts, than any other company.
Our POL output voltages range from 0.75 to 5V . . . at current levels from 0.5 to 50A. Input voltages are centered around traditional 3.3, 5 and 12V levels, with some devices operating from 7.5 to 36V. Standard packages include SMT models (6-16A), SIP's (6-16 A), and new 1/8-bricks (28A) and 1/4-bricks (50A).
The newest SMT and SIP models offer user-selectable outputs (0.75-5V) while operating from wide-range inputs (2.4-5.5V or 8.3-14V). For many applications, they can be genuine "one-size-fits-all" solutions.
And POL's are not just for IBA's. Many designers find them a quick, cost-effective solution when isolation is not required and in-house designs are too expensive and time consuming.