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Transformers for Digital Audio Data Transmission (DA100 Series) | Murata Power Solutions

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Transformers for Digital Audio Data Tra | Murata Power SolutionsThe Digital Audio Range of transformers is designed to improve the balance of transmitter and receiver circuitry in hi-fi equipment, video games and other applications requiring high-performance digital audio transmission. Compliant with AES/EBU recommendations for the digital audio interface, offering optimized shunt capacitance between primary and secondary windings. Capable of operating over the audio data rate frequency range, providing isolation from 50-60Hz noise.

Features & Benefits:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Compatible with leading chip sets
  • 2kVrms isolation
  • Industry-standard pinout
  • Surface mount option
  • UL 94 V-0 package materials
  • Low profile
  • Suitable for both 75 & 110Ω circuits
  • Toroidal construction
  • Compliant with AES/EBU standards
  • Fully encapsulated

Additional Information: