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Metal Foil Current Sense (FCSL Series) | Ohmite

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Metal Foil Current Sense (FCSL Series) | OhmiteOhmite continues to add to its complement of Current Sense offerings with the FCSL Series. FCSL incorporates proven metal foil technology to produce the ultimate in a current sense resistor. FCSL features the effective combination of very low and stable TCRs (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) available in a wide selection of very low ohmic values. Power ratings up to 5 Watts makes FCSL the ideal choice for your current sensing applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Foil Construction ensures a very stable TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)
  • Designed for automatic insertion
  • Industry standard sizes
  • High heat resistant use
  • Low heat electromotive use
  • Color: white (top) and green (bottom)

Additional Information: