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Metal Element Current Sense (MCS Series) | Ohmite

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Metal Element Current Sense (MCS Series) | OhmiteOhmite Manufacturing has extended its range of metal element, SMD, current sense resistors with the release of the MCS product range. These 1 and 2 watt packages are stocked in 1% tolerance with resistance values from 0.005 – 0.050 ohms. Using nickel-chromium and manganin-copper alloys, MCS Series offers low TCR, inductance, and thermo EMF benefits. Highly efficient manufacturing processes enable outstanding performance is coupled with a very competitive cost.

Features & Benefits:

  • NiCu or MnCu resistive alloy; material TCR ±10ppm/°K
  • Marking epoxy UL-94-V0 conformal
  • 96% alumina substrate thermo dissipation protective layer
  • Cu Terminal Electrode with Pb Free termination (60% Sn, 40% Ni)
  • Flame-retardant epoxy protective coat (UL-94-V0)
  • Ultra low resistance value (0.005Ω ~ 0.050Ω)
  • Precision resistance alloy (NiCr20AlSi, or CuMnNi); material selected for low TCR (<50ppm/°C)
  • Superior temperature coefficient characteristics; resistance vs. temp. change from 25°C to 125°C within 10ppm/°C ~ 50ppm/°C
  • Low inductance, low thermo EMF (<50μV/°C)


  • Industrial electronics
  • Power electronics:
    • Power supply
    • DC/DC converter
    • AC/DC converter
  • Motor controller, automotive electronics
  • Battery charger, PC, PDA, 3C products
  • Telecommunications
  • Instruments
  • White goods

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