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Power Chip® Thick Film on Alumina Substrate (TA Series) | Ohmite

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Power Chip® Thick Film on Alumina Substrate | Ohmite

Ohmite's original Power Chip resistors feature our thick film on alumina substrate technology. These planar packages yield space saving, 10W/in2 power densities that require over 50% less board space than other radial packages. Convection cooling is maximized by the planar package configuration which dissipates heat well above board level.

Ohmite's power chip resistors have a 125% higher operating temperature range than competitive product of similar design. High temperature solder and in-process plating keep terminations secure under self-heating effects by preventing re-flow from full power operation.

Flexible packaging schemes make these resistors ideal for power supplies, audio amplifiers, video fly-back, and other power control applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide resistance range (0.10 - 250K ohms) *0.05 ohms on special order basis
  • Low inductance
  • High Power Density
  • Easy to install. PC-mountable


  • Power supplies
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Video fly-back
  • Power control applications

Additional Information: