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Surface Mount Power Resistors |Ohmite

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Surface Mount Power Resistors |Ohmite

Ohmite offers 5 series of surface mount power resistors:

  • RC Series: carbon composition (1/4 & 1/2 watt)
  • RC Series: ceramic composition (above 1/2 watt)
  • RF Series: metal film
  • RW Series: wirewound
  • RP Series: power film
  • RM Series: high voltage thick film

Features & Benefits:

  • Tolerance 1%, 5%, 10%, depending on construction
  • Twelve wattage ratings
  • Seven package sizes
  • Two mounting designs to accommodate your soldering process
  • Five power resistor technologies to optimize your operating performance:
    • Carbon and Ceramic composition for surge and low inductance
    • Metal film for high ohmic value and low T.C.
    • Wire element for inrush current combined with low ohmic values. Resistance values as low as 0.005Ω
    • Power film for high ohmic value and high wattage
    • High Voltage thick film for high voltage applications
  • Flexible J-bend terminations
  • Working Temperature Range: -55°C to +150°C

Additional Information: