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TTI, Inc. Announces Vice President of Sales for TTI Asia

FORT WORTH, TX ─ January 4, 2005 ─ John Davidson, President, TTI Asia, today announced the promotion of Anthony Chan to Vice President of Sales for TTI Asia. Chan was hired in 2001 as the Director of Sales for TTI Asia. “Anthony has worked tirelessly to build the TTI Asia sales organization by hiring good people and giving them the tools to be successful,” Davidson said. Davidson expressed his confidence that Chan will continue to work to improve sales efforts and help build the sales team necessary to support future growth in Asia. 

TTI Asia serves customers in 13 countries with branch locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen PRC, Taiwan ROC, Shanghai PRC and major regional logistics centers located in Singapore and Shanghai PRC.

TTI, Inc. is a leading passives, interconnect and electromechanical products specialist with offices in 57 major markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. For more information visit the TTI Web site, or contact Cathy Walensky