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TTI, Inc. Announces the Opening of its New Connector Warehouse

FORT WORTH, TX ─ November 4, 2005 ─ TTI, Inc. the leading passive and connector specialist in the electronics industry, announces the opening of its new 200,000 square-foot warehouse expressly dedicated to connector operations. The facility is conveniently located near the corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, TX.

The opening of the warehouse is part of an aggressive strategic business plan initiated by TTI in 2004. At that time, TTI began positioning the company to be the “Most Preferred” connector distributor for its customers and suppliers. To further this goal, the company began a building process that included investing in key executives to drive the program, hiring additional sales, marketing and support personnel, creating new marketing materials, enhanced systems and operations infrastructure, and the associated training required to meet the high expectations of customers and suppliers.

Michael Knight was hired as the Vice President of Product Management in 2004 and at the same time, Allen Clem, previously with Harley-Davidson Motor Company, came on board as Vice President Corporate Operations and Logistics. Knight has an extensive background in connector marketing and general management positions. Knight was hartered with securing a leading connector team. This led to the hiring of Lew LaFornara, a connector industry veteran with management experience at connector manufacturers and distributors. He joined the TTI team as Vice President of Connector Supplier Marketing. Knight also promoted John Sandy, formerly with TTI Europe. Sandy relocated to Fort Worth, TX to take the position of Vice President of Connector Product Management.

With key personnel in place, construction began in March on the new facility. At the time, two separate warehouse locations were being utilized to support the existing connector business. “We physically had outgrown these locations,” LaFornara said, “So it became apparent that we had to begin by expanding our physical warehouse and value added capacity and consolidate our connector operations into one location.” The new facility allows for significant growth and will provide improved efficiencies through the implementation of TTI’s global Warehouse Control System (WCS). LaFornara said, “WCS has been customized for our business and will allow us to handle a significantly larger number of transactions, with a greater degree of accuracy and increased utilization of our workforce.”

Throughout the North America sales offices, more than 50 sales people are scheduled for hire by year end. Most of these additional sales people have significant connector experience and knowledge and some will be specifically dedicated to connectors. Their focus is to improve value to our existing customers and to broaden our customer base. The additional sales people not only help in providing the right product, at a fair price, right on time, but also serve as a technical resource and advisor for customers.

In addition to the facility and personnel expansion, TTI has invested significantly in training its people and developing sales tools. Further, we also are providing several connector-focused services to our customers and suppliers. Once per quarter, TTI hosts a dedicated connector technology webcast that provides technical and market industry information to engineers and buyers on the latest from our suppliers and other industry experts. This year, TTI produced a Commercial Connector Featured Products Guide to highlight the leading edge technology products it offers today.

TTI has a world class connector line card filled with the best connector manufacturers in the world. The recent line card addition of Panduit expands the offering of wire and cable management and identification products, greatly enhancing our value to contract cable assembly customers.

In keeping with TTI’s charter of being a specialist, LaFornara said, “We want to seize the opportunity to become the “Most Preferred” connector distributor just as we have secured the number one position in the passives arena for many years.”

About TTI
TTI, Inc. is the world’s leading passive and connector specialist with offices in 57 major markets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. For more information about TTI, visit or contact Cathy Walensky, 817-740-9000,