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39/20mm Center Space Rotary Potentiometer (EWV-YE) | Panasonic

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EWV-YE - 39/20mm Center Space Rotary Potentiometer | PanasonicPanasonic, a worldwide leader in electromechanical components, introduces the new EWV-YE Series of Center Space Potentiometers. Center Space Potentiometers are frequently used in automotive and audio/ visual applications, to integrate control functions and reduce cluster. Compared with Encoders, Potentiometers offer absolute position control. The EWV-YE Potentiometer comes with a large hollow center at 20mm diameter. Designers have plenty of room to put LEDs, switches and other components in this center space. In addition, the large rotation ring provides a smooth and comfortable grip for users. EWV-YE comes with 3 standard detent options, 29 detents for temperature control, 8 detents for fan speed, and 5 detents for mode adjustment. Other options include integrated LED, low torque and customized detent positions to suit specific needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large center space of 42.4mm diameter
  • Low wobble of 0.25mm max
  • Multiple detent options (5, 8, 13, 29)
  • Automotive operating temperature


  • Mode adjustment and selection
  • Volume control
  • Temperature control

Additional Information: