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Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors ECWH (A) & (C) | Panasonic

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The ECW-H(A) Series offers superior noise cancelling performance for resonance applications in power supplies. The ECW-H(A) is a radial leaded film capacitor with the perfect combination of high ripple current capability (3.78Arms @100kHz) and small size (L)15.7mm x (T)9.7mm x (H)14.1mm (max) with lead spacing of 12.5mm.

The ECW-H(C) Series is designed specifically for high frequency and high current applications. This series is highly recommended for general resonance circuits and microwave oven/infrared heat (IH) cooker resonance circuits. Previously available only in 630VDC, the ECW-H(C) Series is now also available in a 1250VDC variant and a 3000VDC variant as well. Very high dV/dt values in the range of up to 2000 Volts per microsecond allow these parts to withstand very high levels of stress.

Features & Benefits:

  • ECW-H(A)
    • Small Case Size
    • High Product Safety
    • High Ripple Current
    • Low Audible Noise
    • RoHS and IEC 60065 Flammability Compliance
    • Open Failure Mode
  • ECW-H(C)
    • Polypropylene Dielectric
    • Aluminum Metallization
    • High dV/dt
    • RoHS Compliant


  • ECW-H(A)
    • Resonant Circuits
    • Electronic ballasts
    • General power applications - AC to DC filtering
  • ECW-H(C)
    • Resonance Applications
    • Tuning
    • Snubbers
    • Filtering

Additional Information: