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M12 Connections in Plastic | Phoenix Contact

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M12 Connections in Plastic | Phoenix ContactM12 cordsets with a corrosion-resistant coupling nut are a cost effective alternative to stainless steel or even nickel plated brass. The polyamide (plastic) nut is resistant to many industrial chemicals such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, brake fluid, diesel fuel, gasoline, engine and gear oil. The molded cordsets use a PUR halogen-free cable which is environmentally friendly and have a water tight seal meeting IP65/ 68/ 69K classification. On the receptacle side, either pcb mount or panel feed through connections are possible with wave solder pins, solder cups, flying leads.  A nut is included with the connectors to fasten the receptacle to the device wall.

Features & Benefits:

  • M12 screw thread
  • Polyamide (plastic) coupling nut, corrosion resistant
  • High reliability, gold plated contacts
  • Eliminate wiring errors with molded cables
  • Choose from pcb mount receptacles or panel feed-through
  • Water tight to IP 67/ 68 / 69K


  • Device receptacles and mating cordsets for a plug-n-play connection in the field of:
    • Sensors & actuators
    • Test & measurement devices
    • Vision systems/cameras
    • Electronic equipment
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical

Additional Information: