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Press Release: TTI Becomes Authorized Distributor of Tyco Electronics/Corcom Products

TTI, Inc. becomes authorized distributor of Tyco Electronics/Corcom Products

TTI, Inc. recently became an authorized distributor for the Corcom products of Tyco Electronics. Corcom offers RFI power line filters and power entry modules to address RFI/EMI problems associated with the emission and susceptibility of conducted radio frequency interference. Their selection of power line filters offers compact and light-weight designs; while the power entry modules can reduce cost, space, and labor by combining filtered IEC connectors with such functions as switching, fusing, and voltage selection.

Corcom also offers signal line products that offer different levels of filtering with RJ45 and RJ11 jacks. These jacks, available in modular or surface mount configurations, can be used to solve signal line noise problems and crosstalk.

Corcom’s filters are used in a myriad of applications and across many industries to help customers meet stringent FCC and CISPR requirements. The filters have been successfully used in industrial, medical, computer, telecom, test & measurement, military, and aerospace applications.

Despite Corcom’s extensive catalog offering, occasionally, customer systems require unique filters specifically designed for their application. Corcom has a domestic design team available to evaluate and design custom filters for unique installations.

Corcom’s convenient website at offers product selection assistance, technical documentation, and ordering information for their complete line of products. Additionally, product samples are available through the on-line sample request system.

For more information, contact your local TTI, Inc. branch. They can assist in selecting the right Corcom filter for your application.