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Sensor Technology

TTI has grown to become the world’s leading IP&E specialist in the electronic component industry. TTI maintains an extensive inventory and offers the best sensor choices in the industry, meeting almost any requirement from our customers. The company’s basic strategy is to focus on a specific range of products and strive to be the industry’s leading distributor. No other company offers the unique combination of benefits that TTI provides. We maintain an extensive inventory of Position Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Force Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors and multiple other types of sensors from the industry's finest manufacturers.

Our team of Specialists have more experience in sensor products than any other distributor. All TTI employees participate in company-wide training programs, which have helped create the most product-knowledgeable team in the industry. Additionally, customers can rely on the TTI sales team as a valuable resource of information and guidance. When you partner with TTI you gain access to unmatched product knowledge and inventory availability.

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Omron MEMS Sensor Technology Module

MEMS Sensor Technology Module (Omron)

MEMS flow sensor overview - Mass flow sensors for gases and air velocity

Position Feedback Sensors for Factory Automation Valve Designs

Position Feedback Sensors for Factory Automation Valve Designs (Bourns)

An integral part of automating factory equipment is the ability to read and monitor the real-time position of valves. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Input/Output (I/O) modules are now being implemented in factory machinery to transmit valuable information on valve adjustment based on the actual position provided by the position feedback sensor.

Omron MEMS White Paper

RF MEMS Switch: What You Need to Know (Omron)

In this application note, the basic operation principle and driving method for OMRON’s MEMS switch (2SMES-01), that has an electrostatic actuator, will be described.

Rotary Position Sensors for Draw Wire Tranducers in Industrial Applications

Rotary Position Sensors for Draw Wire Transducers in Industrial Applications (Bourns)

A major challenge for designers of industrial equipment is the accurate measurement of the displacement of an object over long ranges of linear motion. Industrial systems often require compact, precise, repeatable measurement solutions that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide feedback to the rest of the system.

Vehicle Body - Work Smarter with Honeywell Sensors and Switches

Work Smarter with Honeywell Sensors and Switches

Honeywell S&C sensors, switches, and controls can be found throughout vehicle bodies such as front loaders, buses, locomotives, ambulances, trucks, etc. They are used as operator/ride controls, automation guides, asset trackers, and provide security and comfort.

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