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ELIO® Fiber Optic Technology | Souriau

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ELIO® Fiber Optic Technology | Souriau

Today’s technology for Airborne & Military equipment is more and more complex, requiring the management of an increasing flow of information at greater speeds combined with the necessity to save weight. In response to this need, SOURIAU offers a wide range of copper and fiber optic solutions for high speed networks in harsh environments.

Fiber optic is the best solution when high data-rate, EMI immunity and weight savings are required. The ELIO® terminus can handle data speeds from several Mbit/s up to several Gbit/s thanks to its excellent optical performance in the most severe environments. Its unique user-friendly design and its versatility accounts for the selection of ELIO® by major customers in various markets for their fiber optic applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sealed - IP67: without backshell
  • Flight proven A380
  • Standardized worldwide (ARINC 801 Appendix C, EN4531, Airbus qualified)
  • Withstanding the most severe vibration levels (A400M)
  • Excellent optical performances
  • Easy to clean terminus without removing any part of the connector
  • Easy access to the end face of both male and female contacts
  • Easy to install - no tool required
  • Easy to terminate - less than 5 minutes


  • Ground army
  • Civil aircraft
  • Marine
  • Military aircraft
  • Rotary wing

Additional Information: